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MGW10-GS-South-Korea-Sex-Trafficking-CP - MGW 2010 1 South...

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MGW 2010 1 South Korea Sex Trafficking CP 1NC CP Text: The United States federal government should take responsibility for military contamination; it should forgo base relocation projects and allocate the money to the communities; it should revise SOFA agreements to meet the needs of the communities; and it should allow the host governments to prosecute perpetrators of military violence. Contention 1: Solvency Counterplan solves militarism and political disputes Kirk, 2008 (Gwyn, Prof Women’s Studies @ Antioch & Hamilton Universities & Founder of East Asia-US-Puerto Rico Women's Network Against Militarism, “Gender and U.S. Bases in Asia- Pacific”, March 14, http://www.fpif.org/articles/gender_and_us_bases_in_asia-pacific ) TM Addressing Militarism Militarism is a system of institutions, investments, and values, which is much wider and more deeply entrenched than any specific war. To create alternate definitions of genuine peace and security, it is important to understand institutionalized gendered relations and other unequal power dynamics including those based on class, colonialism, and racism inherent in U.S. military policy and practice. Demilitarization requires a de-linking of masculinity and militarism, stopping the glorification of war and warriors, and defining adventure and heroism in nonmilitary terms . It also requires genuinely democratic processes and structures for political and economic decision-making at community, national and transnational levels.
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  • Spring '12
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  • Federal government of the United States, Asia-Pacific Region, U.S. military policy, U.S. military operations, U.S. Bases

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