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Unformatted text preview: MGW 2010 Unification NEG Joe Behm Unification Frontline 1/2 The youth do not want unification despite government commitment. The Times of India, 2010 (The Times of India: War without end still overshadows Korea 60 years on, June 24, 2010, Korea-60-years-on/articleshow/6084785.cms , accessed June 25, 2010, TS) <North and South are each officially committed to reunification. But younger generations of South Koreans increasingly see their neighbour as a foreign country, an object of pity, scorn or indifference. A poll released last November showed 56 percent of South Korean respondents of all ages believe reunification is necessary down eight percent from two years earlier. More than half the people regard North Korea as part of the nation to reunify with, but the younger they are, the lower the ratio gets , Lee Sang-sin, a professor at Seoul National Universitys Institute for Peace and Unification Studies, told Yonhap news agency. There is a growing idea among younger people that North Korea is a separate, foreign nation. > The youth of SK do not care about NK. Wiggin, Global Post, 2010 (Teke, Tuscon Sentinel: Many South Koreans indifferent about North, June 3, 2010, , accessed June 25, 2010, TS) < Usually Shin In-young and her friends don't think about North Korea and its pudgy, reclusive strongman who dons retro sunglasses, abhors airplanes and may have ordered a surprise attack on a South Korean warship. But when pressed for their views on their pariah-state neighbor, Shin's age group has some things to say that might come as a surprise to the average Westerner. A 23-year-old Yonsei University journalism major, Shin says North Korea doesn't bother her much. "I have never taken their provocations as threats because none of them have ever changed my life," she said. Shin and her friends represent a demographic inside South Korea that is mostly indifferent to the bellicose rhetoric and saber-rattling that characterizes the North's foreign policy approach. "The average South Korean university student is simply not interested in North Korea, " said Brian Myers, who is director of the international studies department at Dongseo University in Busan, South Korea, and wrote a New York Times Op-Ed on the matter. Just take his current North Korean affairs seminar as an example, he says: Only four students chose to enroll in the class.> MGW 2010 Unification NEG Joe Behm Unification Frontline 2/3 NK-SK relations are too poor. Korea Times, 2010 (Korea Times: NK Threaten to cut all relations with South, May 26, 2010, , accessed June 25, 2010, TS) <North Korea said Tuesday that it will cut all relations with South Korea and will have no contact with the Southern authorities during the remaining tenure of President Lee Myung-...
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MGW10-LCP-A2-Reunification-ADV - MGW 2010 Unification NEG...

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