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Two Supplemental Cards for the Korea Affirmative Presumption of History- is on the our side when we tried soft line policies it worked- North Korea open up to us but then we went back to hard line policies Cumings 2005 (Bruce-, Professor of History – University of Chicago, Korea’s Place in the Sun: A Modern History, p. 474) SH When the carter administration (1977-1981) announced plans for gradual but complete withdrawal of U.S ground forces from Korea (air and naval units would remain deployed In or near Korea) and began assiduously playing “the China card” in world politics, a prolonged period of north Korean courting of began. In 1977 Kim referred to President Jimmy Carter as “a man of justice,” and the DPRK press momentarily dropped its calummy against the United States, including use of the term “U.S imperialism. ” Kim gave interviews saying he was knocking on the American door, wanted diplomatic
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Unformatted text preview: relations and trade, and would not interfere with American business interest in the south once Korea was unified. USFK = US Forces, Korea Accessed 05/07/10 (U.S. Forces, Korea / Combined Forces Command Combined Ground Component Command (GCC) ) US Forces, Korea (USFK) is the joint headquarters through which US combat forces would be sent to the CFC's fighting components - the Ground, Air, Naval and Combined Marine Forces Component Commands. Major USFK Elements include the Eighth US Army, US Air Forces Korea (Seventh Air Force) and US Naval Forces Korea. USFK includes more than 85 active installations in the Republic of Korea and has about 37,500 US military personnel assigned in Korea . Major U.S. units in the ROK include the Eighth U.S. Army and Seventh Air Force. 1...
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