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MGW 2010 South Korea Affirmative Alexa/ Quamir Sex Slavery Advantage
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MGW 2010 South Korea Affirmative Alexa/ Quamir Sex Slavery 1AC Advantage 1. US presence bad – prolongs prostitution in South Korea Zimelis 09 (Andris, The Department of Political Science, “Human Rights, the Sex Industry and Foreign Troops: Feminist Analysis of Nationalism in Japan, South Korea and the Philippines”, Cooperation and Conflict, Vol. 44, No. 1, 51-71 ; 2009 Accessed 6/22/10 AW GW) Prostitution practices around US military bases in South Korea also reinforce Nagel’s connection between female sexuality and male honour . Similar to Japan, prostitution was seen as a small sacrifice to protect the majority of Korean women from the US military . Many Koreans believed that camptown prostitutes served to protect ‘normal’ Korean women in the larger society from being raped and sexually assaulted by the US troops . There was widespread knowledge of the rape of housewives and young virgins that occurred before the implementation of a prostitution system to accommodate the sexual needs of US soldiers (Moon, 1997: 155). Just as in Japan, women had to live in fear of the foreign troops. 2. Korean woman are exposed to an endless cycle of abuse, depression, and poverty through conditions imposed by troops Moon 1997 (Katharine H.S. Moon, Department of Political Science and Edith Stix Wasserman Chair of Asian Studies at Wellesly College; “ Sex Among Allies – Military Prostitution in US – Korea Relations” Volume 31, Number 1 , pgs 85-86 ; accessed on 6/23/10 FS) 40 who were living in Seoul in 1965, 60% were unemployed." Although women have served as the backbone of South Korea's economic miracle, through their work in light- manufacturing industries, not all women have had luck finding and keeping viable work. "Hyun Ja," a middle-aged divorcee with children, who had no more than a grade- school education, became a GI prostitute as a last resort—factory jobs catered mostly to young women and were therefore difficult to obtain.' brothel prostitution place women in a club and charge the club owner a fee. The owner transfers the fee onto the new employee's "account" at usurious rates; Ms. Pak mentions one club owner charging 10%.' Often, women ask the owner for an advance in order to pay off her existing debts to another club, and the cycle of debt continues. Owners also set up a new employee with furniture, stereo equipment, clothing, and cosmetics—items deemed necessary for attracting GI customers. These costs get added to the woman's account with interest. In 1988, the left-leaning Mal Magazine (Malchi), reported that on the average, prostitutes' club debts range between one and four million won" ($1,462 and $5,847 respectively in 1988 terms). For this reason, women try to pick up as many GIs as possible night after night, and for this reason, women cannot leave prostitution at will. Nanhee sums up the debt-ridden plight: In some American [camptown] clubs, if you have no debt, they see to it that you incur
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MGW10-LCP-Korea-Prostitution-ADV - MGW 2010 Alexa Quamir...

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