MGW10-LCP-Troop-Withdrawal-BAD - MGW 2010 Korea Negative...

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Unformatted text preview: MGW 2010 Korea Negative Solvency Troop Withdrawal LCP Lab Withdrawal bad...2 Ext: withdrawal hurts relation.......6 Ext: withdrawal t/f..7 Ext: presence key .8 Solvency def turn.10 A2: Non-Reunification..11 Presence Key..12 C/P Solvency..13 A2: North Korea Soft Line Politics.14 A2: Keep The Status Quo.........15 C/P Solvency..16 A2: Withdraw Bad17 Withdrawal bad 1/4 America key to deter North Korea China fears collapse of North Korea and South Korea wants American aid Boot, Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Senior Fellow for National Security Studies at the Council of Foreign Relations, May 31, 20 10 (Max Boot, America is Still the Best Guarantor of Freedom and Propsperity, published in the Los Angeles Times, pg. 2, jb, sob) China is South Korea's largest trade partner by far, but Beijing shows scant interest in reining in Kim Jong Il. The greatest fear of Chinese leaders is that North Korea will collapse, leading to a horde of refugees moving north and, eventually, the creation an American-allied regime on the Yalu River. Rather than risk this strategic calamity, China continues to prop up the crazy North Korean communists to the growing consternation of South Koreans , who can never forget that Seoul , a city of 15 million people, is within range of what the top U.S. commander in South Korea describes as the world's largest concentration of artillery. South Korea knows that only the U.S. offers the deterrence needed to keep a nuclear-armed North Korea in check. That is why the South Koreans , who have one of the world's largest militaries (655,000 activity-duty personnel), are eager to host 28,000 American troops in perpetuity and even to hand over their military forces in wartime to the command of an American four-star general . Under an agreement negotiated during the Bush administration, operational control is due to revert to the South Koreans in 2012, but senior members of the government and military told us they want to push that date...
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MGW10-LCP-Troop-Withdrawal-BAD - MGW 2010 Korea Negative...

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