CP NEG CONSULT NATO NICK 35 - WNDI 2010 1 Paul & Nick...

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Unformatted text preview: WNDI 2010 1 Paul & Nick Consult NATO NATO CP WNDI 2010 2 Paul & Nick Consult NATO CP Text: The United States Federal Government should engage in binding consultation with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization prior to implementing (insert plan text) Throughout the consultation process the United States government should endorse the plan. Well clarify Solvency Cards Consultation on security issues is key to NATO Zbigniew Brezezinski , Center for strategic and international studies counselor and trustee, Foreign Affairs, 2009 , proquest Even more perplexing is the current significance of Article 5 to Europe itself. It raises the question of how tightly binding are NATO's collective-security obligations. If a geopolitically exposed European member of nato were to become a victim of an armed attack and if the United States and the United Kingdom and other nato allies were inclined to come to its aid but, say, Greece and Italy were not, could Article 5 be invoked? Despite the expansion of its membership to 28 countries, NATO remains bound by what it has defined as "a fundamental principle" namely, that "all NATO decisions are made by consensus," that "consensus has been accepted as the sole basis for decision-making in NATO since the creation of the Alliance in 1949," and that "this principle remains in place ." Accordingly, the secretary-general of NATO, as part of the task assigned to him at the recent alliance summit, might consider designating a senior allied group to undertake a review of the current meaning of Article 5. Not only the Afghan challenge but also the significant decline of the U.S. military presence in Europe, the increased membership in NATO itself, and the changes already noted in the global security context call for another look at this key article. Even if a war in Europe is unlikely (and in any such case, the U.S. reaction would be the most significant for some time to come), it is right to ask whether a single member- or even two or three members - of a collective- security alliance have the right to in effect veto a joint response. Perhaps some thought should be given to formulating a more operational definition of "consensus" when it is shared by an overwhelming majority but not by everyone. Only binding consultation can maintain the alliance Agence France Presse , May 8 2010 Biden to trawl for Afghanistan ideas at NATO, Lexis US Vice President Joe Biden heads to Brussels on Monday for consultations with NATO allies as a moment of decision looms on a new US strategy in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Biden, who holds a day of talks in Brussels Tuesday, will be on his second trip to Europe in a month, and officials said his high-profile journey was a sign of how seriously they took the war policy review . President Barack Obama 's deputy will be tracing the steps of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton , who met NATO foreign ministers in Brussels last week....
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CP NEG CONSULT NATO NICK 35 - WNDI 2010 1 Paul & Nick...

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