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Unformatted text preview: WNDI 2010 1 Tony & Tia Capitalism Aff ***Capitalism Aff*** Alt Fails State Key Rejection of state solutions dooms their alt only the state is powerful enough to confront capitalist exploitation. Jacques Derrida, Ecole des hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales Director of Studies, Questioning Ethics: Contemporary Debates In Philosophy, 1999, p. 74-5 Now, perhaps using the strategy of deconstruction, you may for yourself understand, not what power is, but what powers may be in such and such a context. Of course, if I wanted to justify at any cost what I am doing, I would say that everything that I do is concerned with the question of power everywhere. The question of power is so pervasive, however, that I could not isolate the place where I deal with just the question of power . What interests me in what Foucault says about power is not the claim that everything is power, or will to power, in society, but his proposition or assumption that there is no such thing as `the Power', and that today power is in fact dispersed and not concentrated in the form of the state . There are rather only micropowers. This is a more useful approach, that is, not to rely on a homogeneous and centralized concept of power. Fromthat point of view, I think this is the condition of a new politics, a new approach to politics. I think this is very necessary and useful. Nevertheless, my concern will be this one: of course we have to pay attention to micropowers, to invisible or new forms of power, larger or smaller than the state, or foreign to the logic of the state. We should not , however, forget the state: the state is still very strong, the logic of the state is still very strong . It is today undergoing an unprecedented process. What one calls ` globalization' or mondialization, the constitution of new powers in the form of capitalistic corporations, which are stronger than states and do not depend on states, relativizes the authority of states. Nevertheless , the international law, everything which rules the market today, is in the hands of socalled sovereign states ; the international law, the United Nations, GATT and so on are today dependent on states. So the question of the state is not behind us. We have to pay attention to the two logics: on the one hand the deconstruction of the state, and on the other hand the survival of the state . I want to say that the state has both good aspects and bad aspects, and I mention among its bad aspects repression and authority. However, if we want to resist some forces in the world, economic forces for example, perhaps the good old state might be useful! Abandoning state based reform projects allows capitalism to run rampant, increasing suffering Dr. Richard Barbrook , Hypermedia Research Centre U. of Westminster, 6-5- 1997 , More Provocations, Amsterdam.nettime.org/Lists-Archives/nettime-1-9706/msg00034.html I thought that this position is clear from my remarks about the ultra-left posturing of the zero-work demand. In I thought that this position is clear from my remarks about the ultra-left posturing of the zero-work demand....
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K AFF CAPITALISM TONY 12 - WNDI 2010 1 Tony & Tia...

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