80 CO Federal Buildings Neg Vol 1

80 CO Federal Buildings Neg Vol 1 - Federal Buildings Neg...

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Unformatted text preview: Federal Buildings Neg DDI 2008 CO McCleary 1 Federal Buildings Neg Index 1 Notes 2 T- Substantially 3 Inherency 4 CDC Advantage Takeouts No Blackouts Now 5 BSL-4 Secure 6-7 Pollution/Acid Rain Advantage Takeouts Horseshoe Crabs/Chesapeake Bay 8-11 Solvency Frontline 12-16 Solvency Extensions Extension #1: Solar Panels Air Pollution 17 Extension #2: Ebola Now 18 Extension #3: Marine Biodiversity Loss 19 Extension #4: Humans Kill LALCrabs 20 Extension #5: Chesapeake Polluted Now 21 DA Links Procurement/Spillover 22 Political Capital 23 Obama Good 24-26 Ks Disease Security 27 CPs CDC Generators 28 “Then they give it to you, and it turns out to be the gift of shit. You open the bag and you’re like ‘awww jeez. This is what you’re giving me’?”-bill shanahan Federal Buildings Neg DDI 2008 CO McCleary 2 ***Notes*** So yeah… This aff is fucking terrible. There are so many holes in it. The only problem is that there is not a lot of lit on putting solar panels on federal buildings. First the case itself… The CDC advantage is shit. They say blackouts coming, and that the CDC disease containment center won’t work in a blackout, and that leads to epic disease that kills everyone. No. Just no. Almost all of their cards are powertagged, and you can analytically pick them apart. If you don’t want to, there are answers to pretty much every piece of the advantage. Their second advantage is air pollution, which leads to acid rain. The fundamental problem with this argument is that the federal government only produces about 2% of all the country’s air pollution. They barely dent the country’s air pollution output. Shitty scenario a is D.C. bees. Basically air pollution kills them. Read your generic biodiversity loss doesn’t do anything cards, as well as asking them in cross-x why D.C. bees are so important to the overall bee population, or any fucking population for that matter. I bet they don’t have an answer. Scenario b is LALCrabs. Apparently horseshoe crabs living in the Chesapeake Bay are being killed by acid rain, which is caused by air pollution. You can read marine biodiversity loss doesn’t do shit, or you can read your acid rain good turns. Either way you have to read the alternate causality solvency arguments. Now for the offcase… First, with your awesome acid rain good turns, all you need is a counterplan to solve the CDC advantage. New backup generator system? Solves the shit out of their case. The net benefit to the counterplan would be any generic fossil fuel tradeoff da. To win one of these you have to have a card that the plan leads to fossil fuel reduction in the private sector. Luckily, the aff prides itself on this spillover argument, and it shouldn’t be hard to win....
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80 CO Federal Buildings Neg Vol 1 - Federal Buildings Neg...

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