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FILE NAME DDI 2008 <CO>    Your Name Calculation Cards 1
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FILE NAME DDI 2008 <CO>    Your Name Action must be taken to prevent Nuclear War Harlan M. Smith, Professor at the University of Minnesota, 19 97 . Book Review: Jonathan Schell’s Fate of the Earth and The Abolition , www.tc.umn.edu/~smith097/articles/L%2011.The%20 Fate %20of%20the%20 Earth %20.pdf Schell paid attention to what the scientists told us after the first nuclear bombs destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He listened to scientists who said that if the USSR & Russia got into a nuclear war, it would almost certainly destroy both countries--instead of either country winning, it would likely be suicidal for both. And if all the bombs in both country’s stockpiles was thrown at the other country, the fallout from those bombs might destroy whatever life on earth was left after the massive killing when the bombs exploded. This book forces you to think about why no generation should do anything that might preclude the opportunity of life for future generations. It should be clear that we could do so by inaction--by allowing our nation and others to continue to rely on stockpil ing nuclear weapons , which, if all used in a nuclear war, might destroy human life on earth. That is a real possibility. And it might not even happen by deliberate human decisions. It could happen by miscalculation, or by mere accident, perhaps even by computer error. This book review has already informed you that the end of the cold war did not end the danger about which Schell writes. We have not paid enough attention to what scientists told us about the magnitude of this danger, or in any case we have failed to be alarmed by it enough to take action (as we did some years ago to prevent atmospheric nuclear tests when the small fallout from them was found in the milk of nursing mothers). What needs to be done now to end the greater danger the world is now in?There are still more than enough nuclear bombs in the world to end human life on the planet if used in a world war. U.S. bombs could not protect this country even with a “star wars” defensive system . (Read STAR WARS by military scientist Robert Bowman if you think otherwise.) And although the U.S. and Russia no longer target each other, they could re-target in minutes. Russia’s control system is deteriorating, so a malfunction or accident (or mistaking a weather satellite launch for a bomb-- which happened already but the mistake was discovered just in time) could launch nukes toward us anytime. We have not cooperated with Russia enough to enable us to help them prevent that. 2
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FILE NAME DDI 2008 <CO>    Your Name The Risk of extinction Outweighs anything and everything, we have both an ethical and practical obligation to take all action for its prevention Jonathan Schell , The Harold Willens Peace Fellow at The Nation Institute 19 82 , Fate of the Earth, pp. 93-96 To say that human extinction is a certainty would , of course, be a misrepresentation
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349 CO Calculation Good - FILE NAME DDI 2008 &lt;CO&gt;...

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