Consult Nato Full - NATO Good Michigan Institutes 2010...

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Unformatted text preview: NATO Good Michigan Institutes 2010 1/160 CCGJP Lab ***1NC*** NATO Good Michigan Institutes 2010 2/160 CCGJP Lab CONSULT NATO 1NC Text: The United States Federal Government should propose that it__________________________________________________________________ to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization for binding consultation. The United States should support the proposal during consultation and abide by the result of consultation. Well clarify The plan risks international backlash consultation over military policy facilitates acceptance and blunts perceptions of US unilateralism Campbell & Ward 2003 Senior Fellows @ the Council on Foreign Relations(Kurt & Celeste, September/October, Foreign Affairs, celeste-johnson-ward/new-battle-stations.html?mode=print) Given the sensitivity of the issues involved, several steps should be taken before and during the rollout of any new military posture. The first is ensuring that everything about the move is vetted carefully by all major relevant actors. Attention to process will not solve every problem, but it will certainly affect the receptivity of other countries to any changes. How allies such as South Korea and Japan respond , for example, will depend not just on the substance of the modifications themselves, but also on how well the United States consults with their governments, takes their reservations into account, and allays their various anxieties. In fact, rather than being seen as a routine obligation or a nuisance, consultations over the posture changes should be seen as an important opportunity to solidify, strengthen, and redefine those alliances for the future . In Europe, similarly, countries are likely to be more receptive to changes if they take place in the context of a revitalized NATO and a reinvestment in the Atlantic alliance by the United States, rather than being seen as an expression of impatience or unconcern with "old Europe." During the consultations, the United States should explain the purpose and rationale behind its actions, making it clear that the changes are global and not driven by any particular regional dynamic . Because of the timing, international observers will be prone to view the changes in the context of recent events, particularly the lead-up to and conduct of the war in Iraq. Without guidance from the United States, they will put their own spin on what is happening, which will not necessarily be accurate and could adversely affect other U.S. interests. U.S. officials should also underscore repeatedly the fact that the U....
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Consult Nato Full - NATO Good Michigan Institutes 2010...

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