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Unformatted text preview: Georgia 2009 1 File Title A2: Ashtar THE ASHTAR CONFEDERATION ARE NAZIS, AND HELPED HITLER MAKE HUGE AERONAUTICAL PROGRESS BRANTON 2004 [, the foremost researcher on extraterrestrial entities. Accessed 4/24/05] 1932-- Adolph Hitler gains control of German society enough to force scientists to work in laboratories on advanced aircraft design. Aided by the implosion vortex technology of Victor Schauberger, and the technical expertise of scientists like Schriever, Habermohl, Ballenzo and Miethe, the Germans make extraordinary progress . There is evidence that they might have been aided by contact with Gray entities from inside the Earth and an 'Ashtar' connected group of humanoid aliens in Aldebaran . ASHTAR IS A LIAR – HE PROMISED TO SAVE PEOPLE FROM CERTAIN DOOM BEFORE, AND NEVER CAME JOYCE ’99 [Elizabeth, expert on ASHTAR and all his incarnations,] Dr. Charles Laughead , an MD on the staff of Michigan State University in Lansing, Michigan , started communicating with various entities "from outer space" in 1954 , largely through trance mediums who served as instrument for Ashtar and his cronies from that great intergalactic council in the sky. A number of minor prophecies were passed long, and as usual, they came true on the nose . Then Ashtar tossed in his bombshell. The world was going to end on December 21, 1954, he announced convincingly. North America was going to split in two, and the Atlantic coast would sink into the sea. France, England and Russia were also slated for a watery grave. However, all was not lost. A few chosen people would be rescued by spaceships . Naturally Dr. Laughead and his friends were among that select group. Dr. Laughhead made sober declarations to the press and on December 21, 1954 he and a group of his fellow believers clustered together in the Garden to await rescue ... and waited. And waited. And waited! THE LEADER OF ASHTAR COMMAND IS A REPTILIAN NAMED HATONN WHO IS SECRETLY WORKING WITH THE DRACONIAN-ORION EMPIRE TO INFILTRATE AND SABOTAGE ASHTAR COMMAND BRANTON 2004 [, the foremost researcher on extraterrestrial entities. Accessed 4/24/05] We must realize that the ONLY being in the collective which is allowed to exercise individual choice is their dark leader, and to a lesser extent the inner council, and these beings do NOT want the Reptiloids and Greys to attain emotional individualism. But what about other "collectives" like the ASHTAR or Astarte collective? Just who is this "ASHTAR"? Why is the ASHTAR collective so involved with the Dulce base activity in joint capacity with the Greys and Reptiloids according to certain reports? I s it, as contactee Israel Norkin claims, because the "Unholy Six" star systems of Orion have infiltrated the ASHTAR collective to a massive extent? What about the bald 9-foot tall Reptilian "from the Pleiades" who supposedly defected from the Draconian collective, HATONN? Why hasn't Hatonn been warning about thissupposedly defected from the Draconian collective, HATONN?...
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Ashtar-Aff-060109-Harrigan - Georgia 2009 1 File Title A2:...

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