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Unformatted text preview: Veterinarians: A vital link to human health! Leslie Tengelsen, PhD, DVM, MSU `96 Deputy State Epidemiologist Idaho Department of Health and Welfare How do you get further epidemiology training after vet school? Masters of Public Health Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Applied Epidemiology CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION EPIDEMIC INTELLIGENCE SERVICE (EIS) "EPIDEMIOLOGY IN ACTION THROUGHOUT THE WORLD" CDC !!DISEASE DETECTIVES!! Senior Electives in Epidemiology Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Unique 2-year post-graduate program of service and on-the-job training in applied epidemiology Established in 1951 60-80 persons/year EIS Officer Opportunities: Applied epidemiology training Establish mentorships with world-renowned specialists Travel: domestic and international Train in computers, biostatistics, database management Serve needs of federal and state PH departments Present at scientific meetings and publish findings Disseminate vital PH information to media and public Who is Accepted into EIS? An MD with at least one year post-grad training (75%) A DVM (VMD) with an MPH or other public health experience (~10%) Other health professionals: PhD, DDS, PA, Nurses, ? (~15%) Basically anyone with a keen interest in Applied Epidemiology can apply..... Examples of Outbreaks involving EIS officers: International: West Nile Fever in Bucharest, Romania Ebola in Zaire Polio in Qinghai Province, China United States: RMSF in Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas EEE virus in Mobile, Alabama (horses,emus,humans) Hantavirus, Four Corners, New Mexico Multidrug resistant S. aureus, dialysis unit, Conn. Unexplained outbreak of appendectomies in Idaho Neonatal death due to TBRF, WA See Handouts for Contact Information Where would you be located in EIS? Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Headquarters: Atlanta, GA, Hyattsville, MD, Ft. Collins CO, San Juan, PR (75%) o National Center for Infectious Diseases o National Center for HIV, STD, TB prevention o National Center for Environmental Health o National Center for Injury Prevention and Control o National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion o National Center for Health Statistics o National Center for Occupational Safety and Health o Epidemiology Program o National Immunization Program o Public Health Practice Program State Health Departments (25%) Dr. James Steele, MSU `41: The Ultimate PH Veterinarian During his 28 years with the Public Health Service, he established the Veterinary Public Health Division of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). He also was instrumental in the establishment of veterinary activities within the World Health Organization and the Food and Agricultural Organization in the United Nations. ...
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