18111 - Nitritos y cncer del tracto digestivo Revisin bibliogrfica Autor Dra Zulema Fuentes CPHE La Habana Maestrante en Salud Ambiental Zaldivar R

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Unformatted text preview: Nitritos y cncer del tracto digestivo. Revisin bibliogrfica Autor: Dra. Zulema Fuentes CPHE La Habana Maestrante en Salud Ambiental Zaldivar R.: Epidemiology of gastric and colo-rectal cancer in the United States and Chile with particular reference to the role of dietary and nutritional variables, nitrate fertilizer pollution, and N-nitroso compounds. Zentralbl. Bakteriol. Orig. B 1977. May;164(3):193-217 Zaldivar R, et als. Nitrate nitrogen levels in drinking water of urban areas with high- and low-risk populations for stomach cancer: an environmental epidemiology study. Z Krebsforsch Klin Onkol Cancer Res Clin Oncol. 1978 Oct 30;92(3):227-34. CNR (1981) The health effects of nitrate, nitrite, and N-nitroso compounds. Part 1 of a two-part study by the Committee on Nitrite and Alternative Curing Agents in Food. Report by the US National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences. Washington, DC, National Academy Press. Jensen OM. 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