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Revised March 25, 2008 University of California Irvine ECONOMICS 143 ENERGY ECONOMICS Spring 2008 Course Syllabus Dr. Tony Finizza E-mail: [email protected] Class time: MWF 2:00-2:50 pm Office Hours: MW 1-2 pm Classroom: HH 178 Office: SSPB 1264 Course Description The economics of markets for various energy sources (oil, natural gas, electricity, renewable energy, etc.), and their interactions with each other and with the rest of the economy. The course will also cover the effects of government intervention, traditional policy measures, and economic policy issues arising from the relationship of energy use and the environment. Prerequisites Economics 100 A. Students taking the course Pass/Fail will be not be allowed to join teams. Text/Readings Dahl, Carol, International Energy Markets , Pennwell, 2004. Additonal supplemental reading list (on class website). References: Relevant web sites. Course Requirements and Grading We will have two problem sets, a midterm, and a final exam. I will grade according to the following distribution: (Note: they sum to more than 100%) Problem Sets 35% Of which: Gasoline Price Project 10% Cost Benefit Study (CBA) 25% Midterm (Part Take-Home) 25% Final Examination 30% Policy Paper 10% Class Discussion 10%
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Course Outline (Subject to revision as course progresses.) Wk Date Topic Readings Chapters Dahl, Web Some Economic Concepts Illustrated Problem Sets Due 1 M Mar 31 Energy Overview 1, A Forecasting -- W Apr 2 Energy Fundamentals 2, B Scarcity -- F Apr 4 Energy and the Economy C, D Factors of Production -- 2 M Apr 7 Geopolitical Analysis E, F -- -- W Apr 9 Oil (Upstream) Resources 13 Supply Curves -- F Apr 11 12 Auctions/Bidding -- 3 M Apr 14 OPEC 6 Oligopoly -- W Apr 16 Market Power G, H Mkt Power -- F Apr 18 Oil (Downstream) Refining 14 Joint product -- 4 M Apr 21 Gasoline, Retail J Mkt Power,VI -- W Apr 24 K Price Discrimination -- F Apr 26 L Vertical Relationships -- 5 M Apr 28 Midterm -- -- -- Midterm W Apr 30 Natural Gas Resources 7 Oligopoly -- F May 2 LNG 10,11 Monopsony -- 6 M May 5 Coal 3 Perfect competition -- W May 7 Electricity 4 Natural Monopoly -- F May 9 5 -- -- 7 M May 12 Alt. Energy Technologies Renewables N Opportunity costs Gasoline Prices W May 14 Alternative Energy M -- -- F May 16 Alt. Energy Vehicles Transportation P Cost-benefit analysis -- 8 M May 19 R -- -- W May 21 Energy Futures 15 -- F May 23 Regulation, Policy 8 -- 9 M May 26 Memorial Day Holiday
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Econ_143_Syllabus_S08 - Revised University of California...

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