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Israel DA Dartmouth 10 2 Israel 1NC (1/3) Israel will get scared from withdrawl – fears loss of deterrence against Iran Susser 04 (Leslie Susser, Staff Writer, Israel Worried About U.S. Iraq Withdrawl, April 15 2004) As Shiite and Sunni resistance to the American presence in Iraq intensifies, Israel's defense establishment is worried that a U.S. withdrawal under fire could have devastating consequences for the battles against weapons of mass destruction and global terrorism . And Israel could be one of the big losers: Israeli officials believe a loss of American deterrence would encourage Iran to continue its nuclear weapons program , and its support for terrorism could lead to a hardening of Syrian and Palestinian attitudes against accommodation with Israel and could spark more Palestinian and other terrorism directed against Israeli targets. Without American deterrence and a pro-Western Iraq, the officials say, Israel might have to rethink its attitude on key issues like the concessions it can afford to make to the Palestinians, its readiness for a land war on its eastern front and the size of its defense budget. But there is an opposing, minority view in Israeli academic and intelligence circles: The quicker the Americans leave, this view holds, the quicker the Iraqis will have to get their act together. And once they do, they will not necessarily pose a threat to Israel or the West. The US will buy off foreign and domestic Israeli opposition by increasing sales to Israel of advanced US military technology Petras , Professor of Sociology at Binghamton, 5/14/ 07 ( lobby-and-us-middle-east-policy/ ) With the US trade deficit exceeding $500 billion dollars, one of its few competitive export sectors is its arms industry, which is number one in world arms sales, followed by Israel. The Bush Administration’s planned arms sale to Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf allies has been blocked by Israeli action through its Zionist Lobby ( NY Times , April 5, 2007). The Administration officials twice scheduled and canceled briefings for members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee because of AIPAC’s influence over the Committee and the likelihood that the arms deal would be rejected. As a result the Administration is hoping that Israel will call off its Lobby attack dogs in exchange for a 20% increase in US military aid and grants to Israel — upping the total of military aid from $2.4 billion dollars to $3 billion annually. Secretary of Defense Gates, who was unable to shake the Lobby’s influence over Congress, had to fly to Israel to plead with Israel to allow the sales to go through in exchange for receiving advanced US military technology . US grants to Israel of advanced military research, design and technology has
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israel-da---ddw - Israel DA Dartmouth 10 1 ISRAEL...

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