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298 BQ Misc. 2AC Blocks - 2AC DDI 2008 BQ SYAN AT...

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2AC  DDI 2008 BQ    SYAN AT: Leadership Bad 1. Plan solves, when we become the nuclear leader, the U.S can use it’s political power to deter rouge  states from using it.  That’s Buckner 1 2. Their evidence is talking about military stock piles, the plan would just reprocess or store the spent  fuel.  3. Terrorist will never be able to use spent fuel to attack us Robert G. Williscroft, 2002, U.S. Navy and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, “A New Look at the Nuclear Energy  Option”,  http://www.argee.net/DefenseWatch/Nuclear Waste and Breeder Reactors.htm   Can we take these fuel rods that contain all this Plutonium, separate out the Plutonium and whatever Uranium was not used, and make more fuel rods? You bet. In fact, we actually end up with more fuel after the process than what we started with. Why is this not being done? Plutonium is used in atomic bombs - the fact that it's pure Plutonium-239 that makes an atomic bomb work, and not the other three isotopes, apparently didn't matter, because in 1977 President Jimmy Carter signed an executive order that banned the reprocessing of nuclear fuel in the United States . The rationale was that the Plutonium could possibly be stolen, and terrorists might be able to use it to make atomic bombs. Never mind that in the real world, it is essentially impossible to separate out the Plutonium-239 from the other isotopes in sufficient purity to use it for bomb making. The British tried it, the Russians tried it, the French tried it, and we tried it, but nobody did it very well, even though we had the best scientists and all the money in the world to throw at it . If you try to make a bomb with such a mixture of Plutonium isotopes, forget about it - it won't work, ever. W e're talking about the laws of physics, Greenpeace notwithstanding. Unless you have pure Plutonium-239, your bomb will fizzle. So throwing away all that valuable nuclear fuel to prevent terrorists from making a bomb that won't work anyway is just plain dumb. 4. No- Link they cant prove any reason why other countries would even want to attack. Their card has no  warrants. 1
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2AC  DDI 2008 BQ    SYAN AT:  Not Enough Uranium 1. We have enough uranium to last us for another 60 years Council on Foreign Relations, 2007 , “Global Uranium Supply and Demand”,  ( http://www.cfr.org/publication/14705/global_uranium_supply_and_demand.html Currently, there are nearly one thousand commercial, research, and ship reactors worldwide, more than thirty are under construction, and over seventy are in planning stages. The world currently uses 67,000 tons of mined uranium a year. At current usage, this is equal to about seventy years of supply. The World Nuclear Association says demand has remained relatively steady because of efficiency improvements, and it is projected to grow “only slightly” through 2010. However,
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298 BQ Misc. 2AC Blocks - 2AC DDI 2008 BQ SYAN AT...

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