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FLIGHT CREW DIVISION OPERATION NOTICE To: A320/1 - F70 - ATR72 Pilots. Subject: Slot time at PNH & REP airports. Date: 21 st Dec, 2010 According to the notice from Vietnam Airlines and Cambodia Airport Authority. In the Flight Schedule-Summer 2010, almost the flights arrived at PNH & REP earlier than ETA from VTE & LPQ as follow: 1. VN841 VTE-PNH: - 154 flights in total
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Unformatted text preview: - The average minutes of early arriving: 18 mins 2. VN869 LPQ-REP: - 124 flights in total - The average minutes of early arriving: 27 mins In order to keep the VNA slot time at PNH & REP airports, all pilots are strongly requested to follow the ETD at VTE & LPQ airports. Thank you for your cooperation. Deputy Chief Pilot Capt Nguyen Dang Quang...
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