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FLIGHT OPERATIONS NOTICE DATE: 19 Apr 2011 NO: 220 SUBJECT: Updated nuclear crisis in Japan Cancel item III of FON 204 TO: B777/Airbus crew, OCC, NOC, TOC Dear all pilots, Flight attendants, Regarding nuclear crisis in Japan, we would like to update some information relating to CURRENT SITUATION FOR TRAVEL AND TRANSPORT TO AND FROM JAPAN following the ICAO NEWS RELEASE PIO 07/11 as follows: The United Nations organizations are closely monitoring the effects of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi plant remain confident that current radiation levels do not present health or transportation safety hazards to passengers and crew. On 18 March, based on the International Nuclear an Radiological Event Scale (INES)*, the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry assessed the significance rating of the accident at the plant as Level 5. On 12 April, this assessment was revised to Level 7 following information obtained from estimations of the amount of radioactive material discharged to the atmosphere.
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Unformatted text preview: Radiation monitoring around airports and seaports in Japan continues to confirm that levels remain well within safe limits from a health perspective. In addition, monitoring of passengers, crew and cargo from Japan carried out to date in other countries, in accordance with their national policy, does not suggest any health or safety risks. There, screening of radiation for health and safety purposes is currently considered unnecessary at airports and seaports around the world. In conclusion, it is not necessary for crew to bring food and drinks from Vietnam when flying to TOKYO and FON 216 is no longer applicable. Cancel Flight Operation Notice 216. Thank you for your good co-operations. Any comment or question should be directed to: Operations Control Center Fax : 844-38272916 Sitatext: HDQOOVN/HDQOVVN Phone: 844-38271539...
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