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flight operations notice (temporary) Date : 04 August 2004 Subject: Navigation data Alert (VTBD Unusable STARS and Approaches) Cycle 0408 (05August – 01 September) To: All Pilots FOD NBA, SGN This is an alert on navigation database cycle 0408 (effective from 05August through 01September 2004). There are incorrects coordinates for waypoints BD111, BD112, BD113, BD114 on STARS and RNAV new approaches at Bangkok (VTBD). Therefore, please do not use the following: - STARS ANNIE 4A BETTY 4A PAULA 4A
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Unformatted text preview: CANDY 4A HELEN 4A- APPROACHES : RNAV (GPS or VOR DME) Rwy 21L RNAV (GPS or VOR DME) Rwy 21R Correction and clarifications are expected to update cycle 0409. Your are kindly required to read carefully the attached NavDB Alert of Jeppesen. This F.O.N is automatically cancelled whenever NavDB is updated . Any comments or questions should be directed to : Flight Operations Department Fax : 84-4-8721770, Tel 84-4-8273916 SITA : HDQOPVN / HDQODVN Thanks for your cooperation...
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