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Fleet operation No.1 - of civil aviation and send to...

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VIETNAM AIRLINES FLIGHT CREW DIVISION 919 A320/321 FLEET ---------  --------- Operation Notice N ° : 01/2010 TO: All A320/321 pilots DATE: 10.01.2010 SUBJECT: Manage for Non-pres App,Report form No5,Autoland. -Please be informed that the use of Managed guidance for Non-precision App is permited whenever all the required conditions are met(these conditions are set out in FCOM 3.03.19). -During flight if any administrative violation has been made,captains have responsibility to fulfil No 5 report form: Minutes on administrative violation respect
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Unformatted text preview: of civil aviation and send to appropriate adresses.-Flight crew is strongly to be advised that an Autoland is mandatory required for every pilot in oder to get CAAV CATII approval.We would like to remind you that for demonstration you are requested to perform at least one Autoland with whether in CATI or better at approved airports and send the Autoland report form to FCD919-TRAINING DEP or FLEET OFFICE wright after landing. Thank you for good coordination. A320/1 FLEET OFFICE. 1...
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