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Fleet operation No.6 - is not applicable at VTBS from now...

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VIETNAM AIRLINES FLIGHT CREW DIVISION 919 A320/321 FLEET ---------  --------- Operation Notice N ° : 06/2010 TO: All A320/321 pilots DATE: 21.jun.2010 SUBJECT: Taxi procedures at Suvarnabhumi airport-VTBS Recently, many Soft Spots are reported on ramp taxiways at Suvarnabhumi airport. For safety reason, Please be informed that, One Engine taxi in procedure
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Unformatted text preview: is not applicable at VTBS from now on until further Notice and crew should exercise extreme caution when commencing taxi out. In additional, GPU always available at gates, crew are requested strictly follow the use of APU procedure as set out on SOP. Thank you for good coordination. A320/1 FLEET OFFICE. 1...
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