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FLIGHT OPERATIONS NOTICES_181[1] - 1 Japan Hongkong...

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FLIGHT OPERATIONS NOTICE DATE: 07 Jul 2010 NO: 181 SUBJECT: CAT II, CAT III Operation Approval TO: All pilots, Dispatchers We kindly inform that Vietnam Airlines has CAT II, CAT IIIA operation approvals by CAAV. Vietnam Airlines is also authorized to perform CAT II, CAT IIIA operations by Aviation authorities of Japan, Hongkong, Germany, Korea, France, Vietnam, Australia. All details are in table bellow: Aircraft CAT II CAT IIIA A320/32
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Unformatted text preview: 1 Japan, Hongkong, Vietnam (Noibai airport) A330 Japan, Hongkong, Korea, France, Germany, Vietnam (Noibai airport), Australia (Melbourne airport) B777 Japan, Hongkong, Korea, France, Germany, Australia (Melbourne airport) Thank you in advance for your good co-operations. Any comments or questions should be directed to: Operations Control Center Fax : 844-8721770 Sitatext : HDQODVN Phone : 844-8273916...
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