General - General PC Cu 1 a b c Cu 2 a b c Cu 3 a b c Cu 4...

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1 General PC Câu 1: Which says a good order of priority for a survival situation in unfriendly environments? a) Water, food, location, protection. b) Protection, location, water, food. (T) c) Location, food, water, protection. Câu 2: In case of decompression, the time of useful consciousness for moderate activities is two minutes at the altitude of . ......... : a) 21,000 feet. b) 25,000 feet (T). c) 28,000 feet Câu 3: To warn cabin crew taking their seats for takeoff or landing, cockpit crew will announce . .. a) "Ladies and gentlemen, we shall be taking off / landing shortly." b) "Be seated for takeoff / landing." c) "Cabin crew be seated for takeoff / landing." (T) Câu 4: Which cockpit's PA should be made 30 seconds before impact? a) "Brace, brace." b) "Heads down, heads down." c) "Brace for impact, brace for impact." (T) Câu 5: To give oxygen to an unconscious pilot, cabin crew will use cockpit oxygen mask at … a. NORMAL position b. 100% position c. EMERGENCY position (T) Câu 6: How does the captain inform cabin crew that the aircraft has reached down to a safe altitude following a decompression? a) "We have reached a safe altitude". b) "Mask off". (T) c) "Cockpit speaking, passengers can release their masks". Câu 7: The captain must be informed immediately when . ......... : a) there is smoke/fire inside or outside the aircraft. b)
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General - General PC Cu 1 a b c Cu 2 a b c Cu 3 a b c Cu 4...

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