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9.3.2009 - Each of the 64 hexagrams has a text tied to it...

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Thursday, September 3, 2009 Bororo: Descartes Good: Bad: Good: Bad: Spirit Matter Reason Sense Generation Degeneration Inside Outside Life Death Subject Object Vegetarian Meat-eater Oneness Manyness Pets Keepers Certainty Doubt Parrots Other Birds Perfection Imperfection Men Women Man(/God) Beast/Machine Acording to Descartes these pairs will never meet Descartes argues that the mind is the mind and the body is the body; a bird, however, does not have a mind according to Descartes. To say that a person is a bird is the same as saying that a person is not a person. Descartes says that if you hold this dualism there are absolute boundaries that separate and do not connect. The Iching (Book of Changes) This book serves as an oracle. The book will give insight when you ask questions, in order to help you make decisions. Based on the relationship of Yin and Yang, and through this you can determine the relationships between any Each hexagram is composed of 2 three-line figures. 2 kinds of lines (broken and unbroken).
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Unformatted text preview: Each of the 64 hexagrams has a text tied to it. Each text has a commentary tied to it, which in turn has a commentary tied to it. The following are two of the 64 hexagrams Stagnation is brought upon by people who want to cause harm, but the good people should not stop doing good things After completion: after things have been done, there will be success in small matters, but you must continue in small matters. There will be good fortune in the beginning, but it will not persist. Broken lines are yin lines, unbroken in yang lines. Broken-feminine, dark, passive, negative Unbroken-masculine, light, positive, celestial, heavenly When the lines are combined they indicate how these two natures of the universe come together at any particular moment. You read the trigrams from the bottom up. In Stagnation the unbroken lines rest on top of the three broken lines, indicating that the positive lines are unstable on top of a negative base....
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9.3.2009 - Each of the 64 hexagrams has a text tied to it...

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