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Tuesday, September 8, 2009 The Iching is not to see logic but seek intuition. Carl Jung: Causation vs. Synchronicity. Jung argued that the Iching did not argue causation, but rather how the situation develops. He was interested in coincidence. The Iching is a way of addressing looking in to your unconscious. Yin Yang Broken line Unbroken line Female Male Earth Heavens Passive Active Negative Positive Dark Light The basis of Psychoanalysis is that the answers given in response to the patient’s questions are all pre-determined. These yes or no replies are given randomly in order to solicit a verbal response from the patient that allows him or her to discuss the topic with themselves and further understand their inner feelings/beliefs. How does this—Psychoanalysis—compare to the Iching. The reality of how the individual is seen in relation to the world, in the case of the student as
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Unformatted text preview: well as the Iching, is to view your situation as it is seen by the rest of the world. In the Iching the idea is to clean your inside, to clear away yourself and in order to grasp what is other to you Self-contained individuality is grasping what is other to you. The Iching says that you are connected to everything else. The Student in the case of psychotherapy is seeking to learn about himself, and this is accomplished The Iching is not about what is inside of you but rather everything around you, whereas the use of random How the Iching is closer to the Bororo because they are taking for granted that we are connected to something else, much in the way that the Bororo are not connected to the self as we are in western culture. Freud believes that we as a people have a individual self that is contained inside of us....
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