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Recitation: September 9, 2009 Descartes is crucial to the idea that the Bororo are birds because it represents the idea that mind and body are separate. The Iching says that everything is in between and not separate. This is very similar to the Bororo people in that the Bororo believe that everything is connected. From a Cartesian perspective the in between doesn’t exist. This put him at odds with his own belief in God. “the circulatory system works lawfully, and all things in nature work by laws, why is there any need for a God figure?” How does Descartes deal with this? He steps back and thinks that there very well could be a God, that simply created the world that functions by a certain set of laws and absconded himself. Once you have world that is set running by a certain series of laws there is no longer a need for a God. The Iching is trying to explain what science or rationality cannot explain.
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Unformatted text preview: At any particular time all things hanging together in a certain way and if it is not good then it’s not surprising that bad things happen. The Iching is always focused on the relationship between factors, The nature of boundaries for the Iching and the Bororo is never perfect. Everything is one and many at the same time. What is dualism? Dualism is the complete opposite of this. Dualism says everything is what it is, and not something else. How do you explain these series of idiosyncratic events, The idea of self in the west is very strong in the west, “I am who I am,” and is much different in the thought process of the Bororo. The separation of body and mind, the idea that we are truly a part of our bodies is very powerful. After death, Decartes believes in very basic christain viewpoints, that after death we are subject to the will of God....
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