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Recitation September 16, 2009 1. How does Descartes draw distinction between man/animal or man/beast? Why are these boundaries so important to his argument? 2. How do you differentiate between I-ching and Descartes method of finding truth? 3. In what way are bororo’s understanding of the self is different from Kartesian individualism? Use the example of students psychotherapy session 4. How is Keneth Reid’s journey similar to Descartes? Evens has used two terms to describe the outlook of the Bororo and the Gakuku gama Universality and 1. Mind and body are separate, because mind is what separates humans and animals. Animals are simply body and instincts, as opposed to body and mind. Descartes says you can never be two things at once. In what way are animals not man? They are simply a body with instincts as if they were a machine. Although Descartes claims that animals do not have a mind, he says that he is only sure of himself being that he is the only one that
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