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Thursday, October 1, 2009 If you can look for what is objective, that is what is crucial. Descartes understanding of what a human being is is already abstracted. By virtue of our bodies we are already connected to everything that is the world. There is a difference between simply the blind man and his cane, and the blind man going somewhere in the world with his cane. There are two ways of looking at a human being: in terms of dualism and non dualism. If you compare this division to the duck and rabb Non-dualism is ambiguous and can tolerate a dualistic perspective. His argument is not that the trobrianders are correct, but that what underlies their understanding,
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Unformatted text preview: its only between spirit and matter, addresses questions that life alone will not answer. Dualism promotes universal human rights, but at the same time An upright gait, preceded the expansion of the brain. What is it about upright posture that is so important? The upright posture, allows for Once the hands are freed from the ground, they are able to produce tools. Once you distinguish yourself from the ground, you have a sense of self. Human natures is a kind o ff vacuum, Humans, by virtue of their distance from the ground, Language itself is the same You are always connected to the outside world, once you have this sense of self, you have tehinterse of pr...
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