10.6.2009 - Tuesday October 6 2009 With upright posture...

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009 With upright posture, what you are really seeing, is: 1. A connection, the moral idea of uprightness, there is some type of continuity. The axis of direction of up and down is usually going to be referred to with the uprightness of morality. Upright is positive, base is negative. Even though we have a certain difference from our ground, our bodies are always somehow a component of how we perceive things. “can a pair of shoes transform your soul?” The shoe is very interesting. The high heel shoe distributes the weight of the body poorly. High heel shoes are the “pedestals” on which we place women in western culture. Women have not been traditionally associated with practical matters. Rather, the women have been regarded as the ideal of men. The practice of foot binding is similar in the way that it is intended to “lift her off the ground” to somehow remove her from performing everyday tasks. The woman who is wearing a high heel shoe is “precariously balanced” and could fall at any moment. The high heel sets up a A shoe fetish- a young man had to steal a used high heel shoe for sexual pleasure. After a while the shoe would “wear out,” and needed to find a new shoe. The shoe had to retain a certain amount of an aura from being recently worn by a female. The psychiatrist explained that this fetish resolved the problem of his sexual isolation.
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10.6.2009 - Tuesday October 6 2009 With upright posture...

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