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11.4.2009 - transformed into hatred In JC morality it is...

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Recitation, November 4, 2009 Good and evil was only brough about by the Critiquing the Judeo-christian morality Prior to the JC morality the definition between good and bad was class based. He identifies the JC’s as weaker, and revolting against the “good noble class” as a consequence of the revolt against the good bad morality The morality of ressentiment is not based on your own morality, as much as the hatred of the powerful, and noble. Good and bad is the complete opposite of the good and evil. Evil, as a part of the JC belief, is directed at the nobles. Good and evil are based on your actions Good and bad was based on character. The bad were the poor and the weak, not because of what they had done, but because they were weak. When the weak rebelled against the good—the strong. The bad were seen as The weak, because of their constant inability to pay back, it is a relationship of guilt, that is
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Unformatted text preview: transformed into hatred. In JC morality it is stressed to be able to live without the worldly pleasures. Those who are noble, considered good prior to JC morality, are unable to refuse material goods, while the poor live without it. In thinking that materialism is bad the poor/weak are self-affirming their beliefs that because they do not have material riches they are good. Asceticism-withdrawing oneself from worldly desire. You exist in reaction to your enemy’s existence. Nihilism- IN a pre-moral morality, Through this resentment, they are transferring this nothingness, and lack of worldy involvement, reassigns their nothingness to a more positive way. Theodicy- they created a reason for suffering, there was a God The holocaust relates to the sacrificial self, the asceticism....
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