11.12.2009 - Thursday November 12, 2009 First you are...

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Thursday November 12, 2009 First you are dehumanized, you are deprived of your personhood. You are consecrated as a sacrificial victim. Abortion as a form of sacrifice Relative to other nations, abortion in this country ranks the highest. 46 million abortions annually—now down to 42 million worldwide. The Pope John Paul II described abortion as a “holocaust.” The debate is very dualistic. It is either pro choice or pro-life. It is as if life and choice are exclusive. The lack of any middle ground seems to make any working resolution impossible. Philosophically, theologically, the debate dwells on whether or not the fetus is a person. If yes, it should enjoy the rights of a person. Primo Levi stated that the key to the concentration camps was depriving the jews of their personhood. From the point of conception the fetus is endowed with a soul. The Jews were redefined as non- persons, and in so doing were not regarded as people. For purposes of argument, lets grant that the fetus is a person. It does not follow that abortion is not absolutely wrong. The reason is that in the matter of abortion there are other persons at stake in addition to the fetus. The most obvious is the mother. If she is deprived of her right to choose she is not being regarded as a person. You might refer to genesis in that the power of choice is absolutely crucial to moral autonomy, and ultimately personhood. Isn’t it so that the meaning of life in respect of the mother is this creative capacity, the capacity to make choices, a capacity that is clearly laid out in the bible, to breathe life into others. Human life is two-fold. Material on one hand and spiritual on the other. With primo levi it is the two ways of taking a life. If we deprive the mother of her right to choose, haven’t we in some fundamental way deprived her of her life? Are we talking about an ideology that has death as its purpose?
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11.12.2009 - Thursday November 12, 2009 First you are...

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