11.18.2009 - Recitation Wednesday The mind is the ability...

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Recitation, Wednesday, November 18, 2009 The mind is the ability to think abstractly, a fetus does not have the developed capacity to think abstractly so is the fetus not really man? What separates it from a beast if it cannot think abstractly on its own? Sacrifice is ultimately not about the exchange itself, but the willingness to give up something that is so important. For those who choose not to get an abortion the sacrifice is of herself, she sacrifices her own ability to choose. It is hard to be strictly pro life or pro choice because in both cases you have to weigh the options. If you are pro-life it is difficult to make a decision, because you cannot be for both the child and the mother, because by being pro life you are denying the woman her right to choose. By denying her this right you are killing her soul, but by having an abortion you are killing the soul of the child. Because the Nuer rely so strongly upon the cattle, the sacrifice of a cow is considered as a part of themselves. REVIEW The common ground is what the abortion debate hinges on. We see this concept in Primo Levi’s idea of dying in both body and mind. What do people mean by life? Pro life and pro choice are arguing between physical life and soulful life. Upright posture- upright posture doesn’t CAUSE moral consciousness, but you need to read into it. It is the distance from the ground that is important. the ties to the ground are loosened as we Here what distinguishes right and left is that there is a sort of symmetry. There is a kind of choice to make. Overall argument in dualism we create boundaries that separate and don’t connect. This is the meaning when you have the law of non-contradiction. There cant be things that are both different from and the same as each other. Non dualism you have things that are different from each other, while at the same time identical to each other. If you have this perfection of boundaries you undermine the moral codes.
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11.18.2009 - Recitation Wednesday The mind is the ability...

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