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USC BIO E 101 FALL 2009 STUDY NOTES FOR FINAL EXAM Chpt 14 Summary 14.2 -.4 Self Quiz – 5-11, 16-18 Chpt 15 Summary - all Self Quiz – 1-5, 7-10 Chpt 16 Know only the summary Chpt 17 Summary – all Self Quiz – 1-7 Chpt 19 Summary - all Self Quiz – 1-5 Final Exam – Part 4 will cover the above material - exam will be completely multiple choice - check blackboard as at least two sets of study questions will be posted - The questions will range from very easy, through moderate and moderately hard, with a few very hard. - Will be approximately 130-150 pts (70-80 questions) The Comprehensive part of Final – all multiple choice
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Unformatted text preview: -Will be approximately 50-65 pts (25-35 questions) Water Acid – base Organic molecules – large biological molecules (ie. Protein structure and function) Endomembrane system Mitochondria Membranes and permeability Passive vs active transport Diffusion and OSMOSIS How ATP is made and used to perform work Enzymes Glycolysis Citric acid cycle – electron transport – chemiosmosis Fermentation Photosynthetic pigments and ‘A Reaction-Center Complex’ Receptor proteins and transduction The phases of the cell cycle...
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