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USC BIO E101 Q 1 NAME __________________________________ _____ 1. When the phospholipids are packed together tightly, the fluidity of the membrane becomes? A. fluid; b. very fluid; c. viscous; d. kinky. _____ 2. Which of these is NOT a function of membrane proteins? a. transport; b. enzymatic activity; c. contractility; d. cell-cell recognition. _____ 3. A transport protein that lets water easily move across the membrane is called? A. aquaporin; b. hydrophilic;
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Unformatted text preview: c. waterpolar; d. diffusion. _____ 4. A molecule that can pass through a semipermeable membrane will move across by diffusion until the movement appears to stop and is called? a. net diffusion; osmosis; c. water balance; d. diffusion; e. equilibrium. _____ 5. When a diabetic has very high blood sugar, water movement or osmosis will occur so that brain cells will? a. lyse; b. become turgid; c. shrivel; d. become plasmolyzed....
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