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BIO E 101 STUDY NOTES FOR EXAM 2 - c is hydrophilic d is...

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USC BIO E 101 FALL 2009 STUDY NOTES FOR EXAM 2 Chpt 6 Go over Summary of Key Concepts Self Quiz – 1-8 Chpt 7 Go over Summary of Key Concepts Self Quiz – 1-6, 7, 9 Chpt 8 Go over Summary of Key Concepts Self Quiz – 1-6 Chpt 9 Go over Summary of Key Concepts Self Quiz – 1-9, 12 Chpt 10 We will cover this chapter after Exam 2 Which protein pair is most involved with amoeboid movement, cytoplasmic streaming, and cell contractions? A. actin-keratin; b. actin-myosin; c. collagen-myosin; d. actin-collagen; e. collagen-keratin. A stack of flattened, interconnected sacs in chloroplasts is known as a? a. thylakoid; b. stroma; c. granum; d. plastid. The heads of phospholipid molecules exhibits what characteristic? A. highly fluid; b. made up of fatty acids;
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Unformatted text preview: c. is hydrophilic; d. is viscous. The molecule sucrose can be hydrolyzed into? A. glucose & fructose; b. glucose & sucrase; c. fructose & sucrase; d. glucose and maltose. Clearly describe the roles of enzymes. What are the types and functions of endocytosis? Name the components that make up animal cells. What structures do plant cells contain that are not found in animals cells? Name and briefly describe the functions of protein membranes. Also known as a communicating junction, the ______________________ provides a channel for cytoplasmic flow between cells. What importance does supplementing with a single nutrient have when considering a synthetic pathway. Clearly describe the energy flow and chemical recycling in ecosystems...
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