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USC BIO E 101 FALL 2009 STUDY NOTES FOR EXAM I Chpt 1 Self Quiz – all questions Chpt 2 Self Quiz – 1-8 Chpt 3 Self Quiz – 1-5, 12 Chpt 4 Self Quiz – 1-7, 9 Chpt 5 Self Quiz – 1-7, 11 Explain how potato can raise blood sugar more quickly than table sugar. Why will you never gain weight eating ‘fiber’ even though it has many calories? Why would a small change in a receptor protein on CD4Thelper cells prevent an HIV infection? List the type of proteins and their functions When a public service ad says taking drugs is like frying an egg, what does it mean chemically? A ________ reaction produces water as two molecules are joined At room temperature _________ fats are normally liquid Draw a carboxyl group: When molecules remain suspended in a liquid it is a stable suspension and is an example of a
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Unformatted text preview: ______________ Compounds formed by ionic bonds are called ionic compounds or ___________ As water evaporates from leaves, it pulls the water molecule below it upwards, and this is an example of? a. adhesion; b. kinetic energy; c. cohesion; d. vaporization. Which of these is a waste product during photosynthesis? A. oxygen; b. water; c. carbon dioxide; d. glucose. Which of these is an example of rapid evolution, causing huge health problems and death? A. mimicry in snakes; b. production of simple organic molecules; c. antibiotic resistance; d. origins of Homo sapiens . Which molecule has both hydrophobic and hydrophilic components allowing these molecules to create a membrane? A. steroids; b. enzymes; c. carbohydrates; d. phospholipids....
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