Islamic Societies Syllabus

Islamic Societies Syllabus - Cultures and Contexts: Islamic...

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Cultures and Contexts: Islamic Societies Medieval Islamic History and Culture MAP-UA 502 - 010 Spring 2012 Tuesday/Thursday 2 – 3:15 Silver Center 714 Professor Everett Rowson [email protected] Kevorkian Building, 50 Washington Square South, second floor, room 204 Office hours Wednesdays 1:30-3:30 and by appointment Preceptors (all office hours held on the second floor of the Kevorkian Building): Zainab Mahmood (office hours TuTh 4-5) Amir Moosavi (office hours TuTh 12:30-1:30) email: [email protected] Maryam Rutner (office hours Th 10-12) This course will explore various aspects of the Islamic world from about the year 600 to about 1300. It postulates that despite very large variations in culture across time and space it is mean- ingful to speak of a single Islamic civilization during this period, and will ask why. This is not a religious studies course, although the dominance of the religion of Islam, in one way or another, serves to define and unify the societies under examination, and religion will be a major topic of study. But attention will also be paid to philosophy and science, literature and music, art and ar- chitecture, all within a roughly chronological frame. The majority of the assigned reading will be English translations of Arabic works written by the inhabitants of this world themselves. One of the chief objectives of the course will be to help students appreciate just how different a culture different from their own—and especially one in the distant past—can be, and yet make perfect sense to its participants. By reading, analyzing, and discussing what those participants have to say about a myriad of topics they should gain insights into how cultures in general, in-
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Islamic Societies Syllabus - Cultures and Contexts: Islamic...

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