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Financial Statements: -Balance Sheet- Current Assets: within one fiscal year Fixed Assets: Greater than one year Current liabilities: Have to be paid within one fiscal year Long-Term Liabilities: Have to be paid after one year Owner’s (Stockholders Equity): Common stock, dividends - Income Statement- -COGS -Gross Profit -Gross Profit Margin -Operating Expenses -Net Income - Statement of Cash Flows: Shows the changes in a company’s working capital from the beginning of the accounting periods by listing the sources of funds and the uses of these funds. “Cash is King” Sources of Cash: o Personal Cash, Vendors, Lenders o Cash management: Involves forecasting, collecting, disbursing, investing and planning for the cash a company needs to operate smoothly. - SWOT Analysis -Strengths: positive internal factors that contribute to the accomplishment of a company’s mission, goals , and objectives. -Weaknesses: negative internal factors…. -Opportunities: Positive external options that a company can exploit to accomplish its objectives -Threats: negative external forces that hamper a company’s ability to achieve its objectives. -Feasibility Analysis: who is the target market? What is it going to cost to get started? Consists of 3 interrelated components: an industry and market feasibility analysis, a product or service feasibility analysis, and a financial feasibility analysis.
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buexamreview - Financial Statements-Balance Sheet Current...

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