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CHAPTER 10 COMPLETE mkt - Purposes of the Full Screen...

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March 26, 2009 Chapter 10 – The Full Screen Purposes of the Full Screen BEFORE we Launch, we must decide whether technical resources should be devoted to a project The answer must be YES to these questions: (why) because development = technical + mkting Can we do it? (is the technical accomplishment feasible?) Do we want to do it? (is the commercial accomplishment feasible?) Do this by: (1) Recycling and reworking concepts (2) Rank ordering good concepts (3) Track appraisals of failed concepts (4) Encourage cross-functional communication Screening Alternatives You need managerial opinion (execs have the final word) Concept test followed by sales forecast Scoring models (are used when deciding which product to approve) [corporation pyramid picture – in slides] A Scoring Model for Full Screen *key factors to predicting a product’s commercial success in the market!!
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How do you deal with pessimistic vs. optimistic people? 1. Drop the outliers (highest/lowest) 2. Redesign criteria of rating 3. Cluster analysis on ratings; find 70-80% of the cluster of pessimists and optimists and filter back to the mean 4. Increase sample size; then track this group separately from now on [Distribution graph] The Scorers SCORING TEAM : 1. Major functions (marketing, technical, operations, finance) 2. New products managers 3. Staff specialists (IT, distribution, procurement, PR, HR) Problems with SCORERS : May always be pessimistic/optimistic May be “moody” May always score neutral May be less reliable or accurate May be easily swayed by the group May be erratic IRI Scoring Model
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CHAPTER 10 COMPLETE mkt - Purposes of the Full Screen...

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