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Chapter 13 - Chapter 13 Depression and Disillusion Henry...

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Chapter 13: Depression and Disillusion Henry Luce Pervades Publications: - audience: upper middle class - anti-communism, believed it was anti-religious, believed it destroyed the business people like himself - also hated communism because of what it did to china - pro fascist Radio News: - first transmission: 1929 by Admiral Richard Byrd—symphony orchestra (London to US) - radio endangered the success of newspapers—AP led a battle against radio - 1931- the American Newspaper Publishers Association passed a resolution calling for control of radio news, and at the 1932 national conventions, radio and newspapers confronted ea other directly - AP wouldn’t service the network or sell to broadcasters - 1933- Sarnoff and some others created a peace treaty with newspapers and wire services. The agreement required that networks and stations stop gathering news on their own and limit the times and amount of news they aired. - The decision of the networks not to gather news was short-lived. 1934, competition from a new service, Transradio Press, offered news from the wire agency Havas in France and England’s Reuters as well as domestic news. - 1934: Federal Communications Commission : charge to allocate licensing “in the public interest, convenience, or necessity.” Congress granted commercial users continued dominance of the medium through the federal communications Act. The commission had no power to censor content, but it did consider a station’s past performance when renewing a license. Congress feared the possible pol bias of broadcasters and therefore provided for equal time provisions for political candidate.
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