Chapter 13 - Chapter 13 marketing I What is marketing a...

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Chapter 13: marketing I. What is marketing? a. Marketing : the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of goods and services to facilitate exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives b. The evolution of the field of marketing b.i. Production era b.i.1. original philosophy of business by early 1900s was to produce as much as you can beaus ether eis a limitless market b.i.2. goals of business centered o nproduction, greatest marketing need was for distribution and storage b.ii. Selling era b.ii.1. 192s: businesses had developed mass-production techniques (like assembly line), and production capacity often exceeded immediate market demand, so emphasized as elling— ephasized effort tto persuade consumers to buy existing products b.iii. Marketing concept era b.iii.1. years after WWII, a lot of competition for consumers b.iii.2. marketing concept : a 3 part business philosophy: b.iii.2.a. 1) customer orientation b.iii.2.a.i. Find out what consumers want and provide it for them b.iii.2.b. 2) Service orientation b.iii.2.b.i. Make sure everyone in the roganiztion has the same objective of customer satisfaction b.iii.2.c. 3) Profit orientation b.iii.2.c.i. Focus on the goods and services that will earn the mots profit b.iv. Customer relationship era b.iv.1. Customer relationship managmenet(CRM : the process of learning as much as possible about customers and doing everything you can to satisfy them—or evne exceed their expectations—with goods and services over time c. Nonprofit organizations and marketing c.i. Marketing still important for organizations that are nonprofit, sud to raise funds or obtain other resources II. The marketing mix a. Product b. Price c. Place d. Promotion e. The marketing process e.i. Find opportunities
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e.ii. Conduct research e.iii. Identify a target market e.iv. Design a product to meet the need based on research e.iv.1. a physical good, service, or idea that atisfies a want or need plus anything that would enhance the product in the eye of consumers, such as the brand e.v. Do product testing e.v.1.
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Chapter 13 - Chapter 13 marketing I What is marketing a...

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