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class 6 notes mgt - Physical setting of the group’s work...

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Group/team purposes and objectives must fit within the scheme of organizational purposes and objectives; when organizational leadership fails to see how the unique objectives of each group, with corresponding tasks and culture, fit into the organization’s mission, the groups (and possibly the organization) will fail to perform as expected. Leadership is needed to give groups/teams clear vision and direction. Each group’s purpose must be clearly understood by the organization’s leadership and the other groups which that group interacts with. The timing for changes with regard to work groups/teams must be carefully considered: changes must fit the organizational vision significant changes for the group/team may negatively affect the team’s outcomes Factors for establishing and analyzing a work group/team: Group/team context: Purpose of the group
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Unformatted text preview: Physical setting of the group’s work Organization’s history, place in the market, vision Competitors, suppliers, regulations Political, social, economic, legal conditions People (abilities, personalities, learning styles, values, etc.) Task requirements: Degree of interaction/collaboration required Variety of tasks Routineness of tasks (repetitive vs. dynamic/challenging) Pace of work Formal organization: Hierarchy of authority Reporting relationships Metrics, evaluation methods, control systems Reward/compensation systems Selection and recruiting Group culture: Work patterns/processes Norms, social interactions, “acceptable/unacceptable” behaviors Roles Rituals, stories, language Maps (group sensemaking) Evaluating Outcomes: Productivity of group Satisfaction of group members Individual growth/development...
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class 6 notes mgt - Physical setting of the group’s work...

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