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Communication strategies - Candidate Communication...

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Candidate Communication Strategies I. Candidates' Communication Goals A. Increase name recognition- “to be known at all is to be known favorably” 1. Biggest hurdle in congressional races a. In incumbent-challenger House races? a. 10% of voters can recall names of both candidates b. 60% can recognize b. In open House races? a. 37% can recall b. 80% can recognize c. more competitive races c. In incumbent-challenger Senate races? a. 33% can recall b. 80% recognize d. In open Senate races a. 66% recall b. 90% recognize 2. Matters in presidential races as well - reduces gap. - 2004- 57% knew who Kerry was in march, 88% in October- Bush 82% and 90% B. Target appeals to voters to persuade and mobilize 1. Types of Targeting a. Partisan targeting- usually most frequent -most campaigns focus on… copartisans and leaning independents. -challengers will occasionally try to….lure other partisans b. Group or demographic targeting -tailor messages to those groups you'd particularly like to mobilize - women, young people, veterans, rust belt c. Issue targeting -target voters who are… particularly concerned about a given issue 2. How do they accomplish these? a. Develop a coherent message- stick with it throughout the campaign i. Personal characteristics- character traits/biographical info of interest (particularly compelling), McCain- POW, Obama- Humble beginnings. ii. Images- broad themes the candidate wishes to project- McCain-
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Communication strategies - Candidate Communication...

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