Decision making and ethics

Decision making and ethics - Critically discuss the role...

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Critically discuss the role ethics plays on organisations decision making capabilities This essay shall discuss the role that ethics plays on organisational decision making. Depending on the stance an organisation takes on ethics this can have a positive or negative affect. Firstly I will give a brief definition of the key terms used. Decision making stated by ( Rollinson 2002) sees it as a process of making a choice between alternatives. ( Mintzberg et al 1990) though goes into more depth commenting that the process of identifying a decision is problematic because it may unfold rather than be made explicit. This basically means that decisions made can change due to changing environments and that they cannot be 100% correct. Cook and Slack also state that decisions can be made from past, present and future knowledge. Ethics defined by ( Huzynski and Buchanan 2006 ) its an individuals moral belief about what is right and wrong or good or bad that provides a guide to his/her behaviour. Business ethics can also be incorporated as its ethics applied, examining the ethical principles and moral problems that can arise in a business environment. However ( Albert Carr 1968) does argue the point as to whether business ethics should exist as he states that “ businesses cannot be ethically sensitive ”. The world of business is deemed amoral due to the nature of the business environment being competitive, with only the ruthless and purposeful which would survive. Practical ethics This concerns contextual specific areas i.e. business ethics. This overlaps with other areas of business i.e. environmental issues which is advised to be taken account of when making decisions. However would it be right of shareholders to simply look at the financial aspects of set against a pro-active approach to green issues? Even though it would be deemed unethical to simply look at financial gains over protecting the environment would it be wrong to say that a business needs to look at the economic gains to ensure of survival. For example deciding to manufacture products in less developed countries knowing that the business is able to pay cheaper labour for the products produced. The flip side to this argument though is that the decision made to manufacture abroad has ensure d that families are able to survive there with the wages being paid. Ultimately though many people would argue for or against this issue. Economic Man
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Decision making and ethics - Critically discuss the role...

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