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Environmental Management - Second Part Environmental...

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Second Part - Great changes in relation to the industries views on the protection of the environment: o Recently the dominant ideology among senior management in relation to the environment and the industry is more ‘environment-friendly’ and managers seem to be preoccupied with the impact that that the industry has on the planet. o Pressure groups now have changed their stance from attacking the industry to trying to cooperate with them in an attempt to encourage them to change. 1 o Politicians in order to gain more power have turned towards defending the environment. 2 The environmental challenge and business strategy Businesses are at the core of the environmental debate and are central both to the problem and to the solution. Businesses provide goods and services that the public demands and aim to fulfil their needs but by doing so they contribute in destroying the environment. This needs to change and the first step in change is to find new ways of production, new ways to fulfil the needs of both current and future generations. However, that is not enough. In order for businesses to become more environment-friendly they needs of the public also need to change. Change production by changing consumption; how can we expect businesses to change their production methods if we refuse to change our needs? It needs both sides to work together. Sustainable development Sustainable development is defined as development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This means that all human activity of the present should be cautious in order not to cause any permanent damage to the environment by our consumptions of the resources so as not to destroy the resources for the future generations. The role of the industry is quite difficult while attempting sustainability. When people are refusing to understand that they need to compromise and minimize their consumption industries find themselves liable to meet the high demand and at the
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Environmental Management - Second Part Environmental...

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