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Inquiry question My aim is to investigate the reaction of teachers, students and school administrators to the decision to implement team-teaching and have teachers follow students though third and fourth grade. The two third grade teachers at the Powel School, Teacher Joe and Teacher Sarah, have begun this school year (2007-2008) to team-teach their third grade students who they will have as students again the school year of 2008-2009 as fourth graders. Teacher Joe has team-taught before in a different school, but is in his first year at the Powel School and has never before followed a class of students through two years of schooling. Teacher Sarah has taught fourth grade at the Powel School for over ten years, but has never before team-taught or taught third grade. I hope to learn about how these two teachers cooperate with each other and how their teaching relationship is, both pertaining to their specific teaching duties and the more general compatibility of them as a teaching team. Certain
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