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MARKCOM (part 2) Who is speaking? What are they saying? How are they saying? To whom are they saying it? Hierarchy of effects Provide knowledge Promote desire Encourage trial- encourage people to try out a new product Build loyalty – think about current customers and convince them to remain loyal to the brand THE PROMOTIONAL MIX Advertising: 2 types: -above the line – requires the purchase of time or space from an independent media owner. Examples: TV, Radio, Print adds (pictures and text) – magazines (you consume them in your own time), Cinema, Outdoor (transport & billboards) - moving things attract more attention than static images -bellow the line – direct mail - Corporate identity
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Unformatted text preview: - Exhibitions- Packaging- POS/POD/POP (point of sale/point of display/point of purchase)- Merchandising Advertising objectives: AIDA grab the consumers Attention, maintain Interest, call to Action (buy now, tomorrow itll be gone!) 1) Awareness, Comprehension (why a product is better than other i.e. different kinds of toothpaste, Conviction, Action 2) Informing, educating, persuading, reminding 3) Advertising effects it persuades us to behave, feel about a certain product- it reinforces a persuasion Sales promotion - a short term financial incentive Reasons for growth sales promotion, special offers Objectives: try a product or transfer to a new product (e.g. peanut butter BOGOF)...
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