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mgt chapter 1 outlined - Chapter 1 Outlined An Introduction...

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Chapter 1 Outlined An Introduction to Management An organization is a group of people working together in a structured and coordinated fashion to achieve a set of goals. (profit, discovery of knowledge, national defense, coordination of various local charities, or social satisfaction) Management can be defined as a set of activities directed at an organization’s resources, with the aim of achieving organizational goals in an efficient and effective manner. -avg. executive works 60 hours a week. Levels of Management : Top Managers : small group of executives who manage the overall organization. (CEO. .ie.)—Top managers create organizations goals, overall strategy, and operating policies. Also, represent organization to external environment. Middle Managers : Largest group of managers. (plant manager, operations manager, and division head…i.e.) Responsible for implementing policies and plans developed by top managers and for supervising and coordinating activities of lower-level managers First-Line Managers : Supervise and coordinate activities of operating employees. (supervisor, coordinator, and office manager…i.e.) Managing in Different Areas of the Organization : Marketing- self-explanatory Financial- accounting, cash management, and investments Operations- building and managing systems that create an organization’s products & services Human resource- hiring and developing employees Administrative, or general—not specified… Basic Management Functions Planning and Decision Making : Planning means setting organization’s goals and deciding how best to achieve them. Decision making involves selecting a course of action from alternatives. These both help maintain managerial effectiveness as serving as guides for future activities. Organizing : Involves determining how activities and resources are to be grouped. Leading : Some consider most important and challenging. It is set of processes used to get members of organization to work together to further interests of
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organization. Controlling : Final phase. It involves monitoring the organization’s progress toward its goals. Fundamental Management Skills : -Technical Skills: necessary to accomplish or understand specific kind of work being done in an organization. ---esp. important for first-line managers -Interpersonal: ability to communicate with, understand, and motivate both individuals and groups. -Conceptual: Ability to think in the abstract. And to see the “big picture,” and
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mgt chapter 1 outlined - Chapter 1 Outlined An Introduction...

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