personal and professional development

personal and professional development - Engage...

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What’s in for me? What’s in it for the company? Relevance and potential Developing thinking Improve yourself If you know yourself you are enlightened A sensitive line: people approach something you feel uncomfortable about, and makes u feel defensive and protective Avoid planning - it’s bad for learning, take a risk The development cycle: self awareness->deeper insight->choice-> changes- >mutual respect-> appropriate challenge->facilitation (make things easier)->encouragement & motivation (what’s in it for me, what’s in it for the others around me. Self improvement: Continuous improvement-improving my current performance Self change Adapt to change Undertake development training Avoid past mistakes Critical knowledge, insights
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Unformatted text preview: Engage personnel (personal and professional) Let go of the old ways of doing and learn new! Accept challenges Blocks to development Development is a being skill, how you relate to other people Perceived lack of time, lack of understanding, lack of skills, lack of moral courage, lack of grace Enhance yourself: Personal skill audit (SWOT) Action plan Evaluate yourself, get feedback form others (how others see u), give feedback to others Get others to trust you Prepare for different reactions to feedback: shock, anger, denial, accepts the feedback given, seek clarification Different stages of self-development: 1. telling my story 2. insight 3. change 4. action plan smart objectives help us succeed...
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personal and professional development - Engage...

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