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Power and Politics2

Power and Politics2 - power in action worked out through...

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Power & Politics: Politics is about overcoming the problem of resolving situations where different organisations member bring different values to their work , and consequently do not share common goals or views , but yet have to continue to work with one another (kakabadse, 1983). Even when they do share aims about company objectives, they may disagree about the means to those ends, and will fight for what they believe is the appropriate line of action. Power and politics are inextricably entwined, affecting human behaviour in organisations. It has been said that the power concerns the capacity of individuals to exert their will over others, while the political behaviour is the practical domain of
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Unformatted text preview: power in action, worked out through the use of techniques of influence and other tactics. Power is controversial topic which is difficult to define and measure with precision. it has been defined as a capacity of individuals to over come resistance on the part of others, to exert their will, and to produce result consistence with their interests and objectives .although this is definition from an individual prospective, power can be exerted not only by some individuals over others, but also by some groups, sections, departments, organisations, and indeed by some nations over others.(dahl,1957)...
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